No one should suffer or die from a curable disease

Go with us to the ends of the earth to honour this pledge.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected Tropical Diseases

occur in poor countries. Although they are easily curable, one in five of the world's population is a victim.

People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

are severely disadvantaged in poor countries. Their chances of a normal life are slim.

Marginalized communities

Marginalized communities

are cut off from the rest of the world. Hospitals are difficult to reach, there is no access to doctors, the hygiene is inadequate.

  • Ring Survey - Damanewewa Village


    A ring survey was conducted in the Paalugasdamana village of the Thamankaduwa Medical Officer of Health area of Polonnaruwa District on the 6th of October 2021. All the participants were screened and made aware of skin diseases including Leprosy during this survey. The survey was conducted with the support of the Staff of the Regional Epidemiology Unit, by PHI Leprosy, Range PHI and other Public Health Inspectors and the Project Officer (Polonnaruwa) of FAIRMED Foundation.


  • Awareness Programme - Stafford International School



    An awareness programme on leprosy was conducted for the teachers of Stafford International School belonging to the D3 MOH office of Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) on the 17th of November 2021. The programme was conducted by the Public Health Inspector for Leprosy of the CMC along with the FAIRMED Project Officer in the CMC.

  • Awareness Programme - Pest Control Office


    An awareness programme on leprosy was conducted on the 16th of November 2021 for the office staff of the Pest Control Office in the D3 MOH area of the CMC. ​The programme was conducted with the support of the PHI- Leprosy ​CMC along with the FAIRMED Project Officer in the CMC.  



  • Communtiy Survey at Kurulubedda village, Welikanda MOH area, Polonnaruwa.


    A community survey was conducted in the Kurulubedda village belonging to the Welikanda Medical Officer of Health area of Polonnaruwa District on the 7th December 2020.  All the participants were screened and made aware of skin diseases including Leprosy during this survey. Those in need of further examination were referred to the clinic at Kurulubedda Temple on December 08, 2020. ​Those identified as in need of treatment were referred to the dermatology clinic of the Polonnaruwa General Hospital. The survey was conducted by the staff of the Regional Epidemiology Unit, the Supervisory Public Health Inspector of the District, Public Health Inspector for Leprosy and the Supervisory Public Health Inspectors, ​Range Public Health Inspectors and Public Health Mid Wives belong​ing to ​the Lankapura, Elahera, Siripura, Tamankaduwa, Aralaganwi​la, Welikanda and Medirigiriya Medical Officer of Health areas with the support of the Polonnaruwa District Project Officer of FAIRMED Foundation.

  • Ring Survey - Parawaththa village, Nivithigala MOH area, Ratnapura – 21.04.2021


    A ring survey was conducted in the Parawaththa village belonging to the Nivithigala Medical Officer of Health area of Ratnapura District on the 21st of April 2021. All the participants were screened and made aware of skin diseases including Leprosy during this survey. Those in need of further care were referred to the clinic at MOH office of Nivithigala which was held in the 28th of April 2021. The survey was conducted by the Medical Officer and Additional Medical Officer of Health - Nivithigala, the Supervisory Public Health Inspector, the Range Public Health Inspector, and the Public Health Inspector for Leprosy with the support of the Ratnapura District Project Officer of FAIRMED Foundation.