Project activities in Polonnaruwa commenced in 2017, especially targeting the prevention and control of leprosy in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Anti Leprosy Campaign and Regional Directorate of Polonnaruwa.


Starting from 2022, FAIRMED has undertaken initiatives to enhance and expand Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in the Polonnaruwa District as part of the second phase of Project DIVISARANA.


While the emphasis lies on CBR, the DIVISARANA Project also incorporates components for prevention and control of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), empowering the Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), and Women Empowerment.


Presently, the project is actively operational in the Thamankaduwa, Hingurakgoda, Lankapura, Welikanda, and Elahera Divisional Secretary areas.


DIVISARANA adopts a dual approach, engaging both the Health and Non-health sectors in its activities. The health sector collaboration entails strengthening the healthcare system, whereas the non-health sector partnership involves cooperation with the District and Divisional Secretariats, Organizations for Persons with Disabilities, and Women Development Societies.