The battle to improve and sustain the level of awareness regarding Leprosy in the public consciousness is an ever present challenge. This challenge magnified in the vulnerable and economically disadvantaged communities which are most affected by Leprosy. This could only be overcome with an effective awareness campaign and follow up process. As such the need to explore new and more effective methods continue to be of critical importance for controlling Leprosy.



Leprosy, also called Hansen’s disease is caused by Mycobacterium leprae. The infection affects the skin, destroys nerves especially in the hands and feet and in advanced stages has led to deformity and disability which in turn leads to problems in the eyes too. The damages caused by Leprosy, that we attempts to curtail through our activities, range from damaged peripheral nerves leading to the loss of sweat and sebaceous gland function to the weakening of the eyelids which prevents its proper closure, which in extreme cases has led to blindness and even paralysis of small muscles leading to visible “clawing” of fingers and toes, immobilising the affected.

Health for marginalized communities

FAIRMED FOUNDATION has strived to work more closely with our partners in Sri Lanka to combat the constant threat that Leprosy possess especially to poor, disabled and largely vulnerable, and therefore marginalized communities in the country.