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FAIRMED- previously known as Leprosy Relief Emmaus Switzerland – is a development organization based in Bern, Switzerland, that has been active since 1959.

FAIRMED FOUNDATION's involvement in Leprosy Control in Sri Lanka dates back to 1981. Since then, under an agreement signed with the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka, FAIRMED FOUNDATION is providing assistance to the Anti-Leprosy Campaign (ALC) in Sri Lanka for Leprosy control activities.

FAIRMED's partners are the district level government health authorities (RDHSs) and the Anti Leprosy Campaign. The policy to work with the district level health authorities was based on the fact that these officers are closer to the beneficiaries and they are sensitive to their needs. However, assistance was also provided to strengthen the Anti Leprosy Campaign, especially the development of the National Plan of Action for 2014-2016.

FAIRMED FOUNDATION in Sri Lanka is the official Representative for the International Federation of Anti Leprosy Association (ILEP) and the Colombo office provides funds and technical backstopping for the projects.

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