What we do

What we do



"Together, determine to improve the circumstances of all people at risk or affected by Leprosy and other Neglected Tropical Diseases in Sri Lanka"


"Through the use of lean systems, committed to strengthen the mechanisms that combat the causes perpetuating Neglected Tropical Diseases. Thereby facilitate an empowered and complete life, by one and
by all"

FAIRMED's work in Sri Lanka has a long and detailed history dating back to 1981. Our desire to provide health care access for all people regardless of gender, social status, religious beliefs or political affliations and enabling a lively and self-determined life has been a staple in the design and execution of our local programmes.

Building upon the platform set by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the Ministry of Health in 2014, for the implementation of the Model Leprosy Control Programme, FAIRMED FOUNDATION Sri Lanka in 2015 and 2016, has strived to work more closely with our partners in Sri Lanka to combat the constant threat that Leprosy poses, especially to poor, disabled and largely vulnerable, and therefore marginalised communities in the country.

At FAIRMED Sri Lanka, we whole heartedly believe in the motto "less can be more" for we are well aware of the relatively small nature of our budgets when compared to the larger state and inter-state actors active in public health in Sri Lanka. Even though the size and scope of our efforts are limited, the focus in the past year has been to embolden our stakeholders to similarly believe in the motto and focus the fewer resources towards intensive activities to maximize our impact to reduce the disease burden.