FAIRMED initiated the ‘VAIHARI’ project in June 2022 under an agreement signed with the Chief Secretary of the Northern Province. The First Phase of the project will continue until the end of 2026 and the project is being implemented in the Districts of Jaffna and Kilinochchi currently.


With a goal to improve health and well-being, involving everyone in the targeted communities of the Northern province, the VAIHARAI project takes a two-pronged approach where activities are implemented with the support of the Health and the Non-health sectors.


Through this collaboration, the main aim is to strengthen the local health system for the prevention and control of NTDs as well as enhance the quality of services for NTDs and the targeted vulnerable communities through intersectoral collaborations and partnerships.


Under this project a new component was added to provide Psychosocial Support for the internally displaced persons including resettled and relocated persons in the two districts.