From Around the World- Leprosy Day 2017

As the annual Leprosy Day falls on the final Sunday in January, this year the world celebrated the day of remembrance for all those who have been marginalised and stigmatised due to the disease on the 29th day or 2017.
Shared is a collection of news articles published from around the world, commemorating a day which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says is a tribute to the tireless efforts taken to tackle the diseases by the countries preeminent founding father Mahatma Gandhi.


1. Anti-Leprosy Day: PM Narendra Modi says National Leprosy Eradication Programme is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi (
2. 'Anti-Leprosy Day: Sparsh Leprosy Awareness drive on Jan 30' (
3. In Nigeria 'World Leprosy Day: Minister worries over new cases, stigmatisation of victims'  (
4. In Myanmar 'Leprosy Day calls attention to forgotten patients' - (
5. According to the Pan American Health Organization, solution to the continent lies in 'World Leprosy Day: Proactive Detection and Early Diagnosis Essential for Achieving Zero Disability in Children' (
6. According to the Vatican's 'Cardinal Turkson: Leprosy victims need welcome, solidarity and justice' - (
7. In Nepal 'Stigma associated with disease still haunts' (
8. And Finally some great news 'New leprosy cases in Brazil drop 34 percent' -  (


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