COVID-19 Medical Equipment Donation- Polonnaruwa


With the spread of COVID 19 throughout Sri Lanka, the National Health System was and continues to be under heavy strain. Health Authorities have found it quite challenging to strategically address the ongoing spread. As an initiative taken to assist the Department of Health, FAIRMED Sri Lanka has extended our support to strengthen the covid response of hospitals in the project districts.

FAIRMED Sri Lanka supported with the establishing of the intermediate care centre at the Base Hospital Hingurakgoda, in Polonnaruwa. FAIRMED contributed to the establishment of the unit by donating two Bi PAP/ CPAP ventilators, ten Syringe pumps, ten infusion pumps and ten pulse oximeters. The equipment was handed over to the Regional Director of Health Services, Dr W.K.W.S Kumarawansa with the participation of the Regional Epidemiologist Dr K.M.M Koralage by the FAIRMED Project Officer for Polonnaruwa, Mrs Jeevanthi Senevirathne.