Awareness programme on low-cost interventions 2021.02.22


Hingurakgoda MOH area
Polonnaruwa District

As part of the Community-Based Rehabilitation project, an awareness programme on low-cost interventions was conducted on the 22th of February, 2021 at the auditorium ​of the Hingurakgoda Medical Officer of Health office in the Polonnaruwa District. ​The programme was conducted for disabled persons, caregivers, ​public health staff (Public Health Inspectors and Mid Wives), social service officers (including their field staff) and school community (teachers). ​The programme was conducted by Mrs. Jeevanthi Senevirathna, FAIRMED Project Officer in the Polonnaruwa District and Mr. Nevil Wickramasinghe the Public Health Inspector for Leprosy of the District.